Wednesday Infrastructure Film Festival

If you couldn’t make it to today’s noon open house at 1234 Market Street, and you can’t make it to the evening show in an hour, you should watch this presentation, given by Jeff Kneuppel to the SEPTA Board back in December. Today’s presentation (given ably by CFO Rich Burnfield) doesn’t actually expand on anything, […]

We’re getting late night subways, maybe! Is it really all that exciting?

(spoiler alert: maybe) Never let it be said that SEPTA doesn’t listen to feedback. Local found-art blogger Conrad Benner (a/k/a Streets Dept.) posted a petition to restore 24/7 rail service to the Subway and the El on Tuesday. On Wednesday, that petition had 1,000 signatures. And today (Thursday), SEPTA’s GM Joe Casey and CFO […]

When all you have is a bus-planning hammer, beware of oddly-shaped nails

My first guest post for this old city is up! If you haven’t added them to your daily reading, do so without passing Go or collecting $200; Geoff and Jon are really committed to moving the ball forward on good public space in Philadelphia, and of course land use and transportation are always two sides […]

Don’t let anyone tell you we’re not winning

Key passage from Jared Brey’s writeup of the City Planning Commission blessing the plans for Comcast II: [Liberty Property Trust’s John] Gattuso said that Liberty’s “biggest miss” in building the first Comcast tower—the soon-to-be second-tallest building in the city—was not including enough bicycle parking. The new tower will include spaces for approximately 175 bikes, Gattuso […]


The Bergen Record is reporting that NJ Transit Executive Director and notorious fuckup Jim Weinstein is not long for his post. Weinstein, 67, now appears to be on his way out. His faithfulness may not have been enough to overcome a series of high-profile failures that occurred under his watch, most notably, the agency’s ill-fated […]

Skeleton bus service and Regional Rail will limp on until 10:00p

@SicTransitPhila Why isn't there an snow bus network that we can implement? Should be able to keep the major N-S and E-W roads clear. — Tim (@apocalypsepony) February 13, 2014 Well, a few hours after this tweet, SEPTA came up with an answer to Tim’s question. SEPTA Routes 6, 14, 17, 21, 23, 52, 56, […]

All SEPTA bus service suspended at 10:00a

Exactly what it says on the tin. This winter storm is hitting us with the top of the predicted range of snowfall totals, and the transitions to sleet are not helping matters on the roads. SEPTA has fought the good fight, but is bringing its bus fleet in off the road at 10:00a. The suspension […]

No, really, I don’t know, and I need one now

The winter of 2013-2014 is shaping up to be the “Winter of the Sneckdown”. The urban-space nerd’s portmanteau of “snowy neckdown” has suddenly become ubiquitous, with Friend of the Blog Jon Geeting’s photoessay on sneckdowns on East Passyunk Ave on This Old City going viral nationally. As the awareness (and buzz) has grown around unplowed […]