One more trip around the sun

Happy New Year! Time to ring in 2014 with a whole palletload of service changes! SEPTA Transit is on a Modified Weekday schedule today, and detours related to setup for the Mummers Parade will start at 10:00am. Extra trips will run on the El and Subway at around 7:00pm and midnight for those going to […]

Ruminations on Long Distance

I’m currently on an Amtrak train, headed back south from upstate New York, where I have been far away from exciting happenings in Greater Philadelphia. But I thought I’d take some time, while I’m in an appropriate spot, to think aloud about Amtrak, specifically about long-distance trains. 2013, to borrow phraseology from trite year-in-review articles, […]

All I want for Christmas is for the R-numbers to stay dead

Sandy Smith may be the most awesome man in Philadelphia. I tend to refer to Sandy as “the man who’s forgotten more about Philadelphia transit than I’ll ever know”, which is illustrative but slanderous: I’ve never known him to forget anything. I am reminded of his awesomeness frequently, given his prolific writing as editor-in-chief at […]

Why It (Probably) Couldn’t Happen Here

I’ve been wrestling with the recent Spuyten Duyvil derailment on Metro North; other people have covered what we know about it much better than I could, and honestly there’s very little more to say in the face of a human tragedy such as this. I’ve been swinging wildly between despair and vitriolic anger, and had […]