Philaredditor: Silverliner Vs cause RF interference in audio equipment

This story comes to us from a post by Reddit user /u/alexdingley on the /r/Philadelphia subreddit, which can be found at The short version: the Silverliner Vs are producing a lot of radio frequency interference in the catenary that is rendering the recording studio in his home unusable. It’s unclear if this can get […]

Character limit workaround: a reply to @IngaSaffron

Ok, bike share is finally coming to Philly. Now where do put the bike stations on our narrow streets. Ideas? #inq — Inga Saffron (@IngaSaffron) May 1, 2013 The heart of this tweet is the fear of getting a good idea, bike share, embroiled in an extended NIMBY fight energized by idiots who hold […]