No, really, I don’t know, and I need one now

The winter of 2013-2014 is shaping up to be the “Winter of the Sneckdown”. The urban-space nerd’s portmanteau of “snowy neckdown” has suddenly become ubiquitous, with Friend of the Blog Jon Geeting’s photoessay on sneckdowns on East Passyunk Ave on This Old City going viral nationally. As the awareness (and buzz) has grown around unplowed snow next to curbs in intersections, the next step was clearly to expand the genre to unplowed islands of snow in the middle of streets: a potential pedestrian plowza. (This from the same twisted mind that gave us honku.)

But I find myself without a snappy, wintry, portmanteau hashtag for the snowy mess that is a Philadelphia bus (or trolley) boarding zone after a snowstorm. And I think I really need one, because there’s as many (or more) of them as there are sneckdowns, at least in my part of North Philly. Any clever wordsmiths out there with a word to spare?

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