All SEPTA bus service suspended at 10:00a

Exactly what it says on the tin. This winter storm is hitting us with the top of the predicted range of snowfall totals, and the transitions to sleet are not helping matters on the roads. SEPTA has fought the good fight, but is bringing its bus fleet in off the road at 10:00a. The suspension will affect all bus lines and will last until further notice. Subway, El, Trolley, and Regional Rail service continue as “normal”. (NHSL service is running locals every 15 minutes, and Regional Rail is saying “Delays up to 60 minutes on all lines”, which is SEPTA-ese for “forget the schedules, your guess is as good as ours”.)

Transpasses will be accepted as fare on all modes, including Regional Rail, effective immediately, so if you can get a train to where you’re going, you’re not stranded.

EDIT: According to a reporter at SEPTA’s press conference, SEPTA made the decision to throw in the towel after 25-30 buses got stuck in the snow, which is a perfectly reasonable course of action.

EDIT: According to Inquirer reporter Paul Nussbaum, the NHSL is also being suspended, effective immediately (10:53a).

EDIT: I can’t confirm Paul Nussbaum’s report on the NHSL, and he’s already been woefully wrong once already this morning (reporting a signal outage on the Trenton Line well after it had been repaired and service restored), so I’m going to strike that out for now. SEPTA itself describes the NHSL as having “significant delays” on top of its all-local-every-15-minutes snow schedule.

EDIT: SEPTA just confirmed the suspension of the NHSL.

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