Wednesday Infrastructure Film Festival

If you couldn’t make it to today’s noon open house at 1234 Market Street, and you can’t make it to the evening show in an hour, you should watch this presentation, given by Jeff Kneuppel to the SEPTA Board back in December. Today’s presentation (given ably by CFO Rich Burnfield) doesn’t actually expand on anything, although the Q&A sessions are yielding valuable information. Although largely, that information is in the form of, “We [SEPTA] are still in the process of finding that out”. At least we’re down to mostly the known unknowns.

If you’d like to see what kind of a bullet we dodged when Act 89 passed last November, I present for your viewing, uh, “pleasure”, this 1974 film produced by the Penn Central Railroad, then four years into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, begging for Federal relief to repair its crumbling physical plant. That intervention wouldn’t come for another two years, when the insolvent railroad, and many of its likewise-bankrupt Northeastern competitors, were nationalized and folded into Conrail.

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