Indego stations bedeviled by power problems

Today, for the second day running, the Indego bikeshare system’s twitter account was apologizing to users in the early morning for dead docking stations. Good morning! Some stations are temporarily w/o power. If a station does not have power, you can still return your bike! (1/2) #solarsorry — Indego (@RideIndego) June 5, 2015 You will […]

Looking back, looking ahead: New Year’s roundup 2015

In the last night of the year, five things we’ll remember from 2014: The year of citizen action.  I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much when Conrad Benner launched a petition to get SEPTA to run the subways overnight.  But it worked, and now another petition has sparked progress on a second front, in […]

You’re out of your element! This Leninist is not the issue.

Good morning, and for those who are observing it, may you have an easy Shutdown. Out-of-town tourists who were really counting on seeing Valley Forge and Independence Hall might want to stop in at attractions that aren’t National Parks, which is most everything that isn’t either on 5th Street or a Revolutionary Battlefield. Since I […]

Character limit workaround: a reply to @IngaSaffron

Ok, bike share is finally coming to Philly. Now where do put the bike stations on our narrow streets. Ideas? #inq — Inga Saffron (@IngaSaffron) May 1, 2013 The heart of this tweet is the fear of getting a good idea, bike share, embroiled in an extended NIMBY fight energized by idiots who hold […]