Fuck the State

Jon Geeting brings the truth at Keystone Politics: …Philadelphia and Pittsburgh’s transit funding is excessively dependent on both state funding and fares. For political-geographic reasons, our transit authorities will never receive generous funding from the state. No, this is not a coordination problem between state reps. There just aren’t enough transit riders to make growing […]

The ultimate in pervious “paving”!

It’s winters like this one, where I wonder if it would be worth it to run a pilot program replacing the asphalt pavement on some trinity streets with gravel. I’m speaking specifically of cartways of 15 feet or less in width (i.e. too narrow for parking), the ones that aren’t already done in brick or […]

How do you solve a problem like DRPA? Kill it.

(OK, the scansion needs a lot of work.) The idea of a transportation authority is very simple. By isolating an important public function from direct interference (and oversight) from elected officials, you can create an atmosphere of continuity and stability that allows the authority to issue bonds without undue distress (in the form of higher […]

Hold this thought

New Jersey Senate committee approves transit agency consolidation: Should SEPTA and PATCO combine their commuter rail operations? Would North Jersey commuters be better served if PATH trains were run by NJ Transit or New York City’s MTA? A plan to consider such mergers cleared a New Jersey Senate panel this week. … The resolution proposes […]