The Norristown Hearings via Twitter

Hearing no. 3/10: Norristown.@septa #Montco #hearing — Sic Transit Philly (@SicTransitPhila) April 16, 2013 First speaker asks about pass limits on Independence Passes. Good Q; I’d missed that Indy Passes will be only truly unlimited pass. #montco — Sic Transit Philly (@SicTransitPhila) April 16, 2013 It’s true. (Note to SEPTA management: don’t get any stupid […]

The Media Hearings via Twitter

In Media for @septa #hearing 1/10: Delco Courthouse wifi is terrible!Loads worse than Amtrak.Take note SEPTA, do not emulate… — Sic Transit Philly (@SicTransitPhila) April 15, 2013 In the back of the room: renderings of faregates in Market East and 30th St. 3-arm turnstiles(!), 30th St barriers look like a disaster. — Sic Transit Philly […]

Hearing season leads off with doubleheaders in Media, Norristown

SEPTA’s long hearing season is starting off today and tomorrow with budget and NPT implementation hearings being held in Delaware and Montgomery Counties, today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday), respectively.  Today’s hearings will be held at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media at 2:00p and 6:00p. SEPTA is breaking with tradition in holding two hearings apiece […]

A trip to Upper Darby, a Fare Hike tragedy in three parts

Friday night I went to visit some friends in Upper Darby who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. It was a pleasant evening, with games and the entertainment of small children, but I was struck by how heavily the effect of SEPTA’s proposed fare changes would have fallen on this trip, so I present […]

FY2014 and NPT: The Monthly Pass Break-Evens

One measure of unlimited passes is: at what point do they become cheaper, per ride, than paying for rides individually? This ratio is one that calls for balance from any transit agency. Lower pass prices encourage the prepayment of fares, which is good for the agency financially, and increases discretionary ridership that drives mode shift […]

FY2014 and NPT: City and Suburban Transit Divisional tariffs

The transit side of SEPTA’s July 1 fare hike is, mercifully, easier to write about than the railroad side. One almost sees why SEPTA has such a mania for oversimplifying its fare structure. But such is the lot of the (alleged) transit professional: while Your Humble Blogger gets to complain about typing volume, the accountants […]

FY2014 and NPT: Railroad Division tarriff

Going into further depth on SEPTA’s proposed fare changes, I am seeing disturbing trends. Apart from the flaws in the technical implementation of NPT (another post in itself), SEPTA’s changes to fare rules and structures indicate an attitude of not wanting to deal with the complexity of the world it exists in and the ridership […]

SEPTA releases proposal for July 1 fare hike and NPT-related fare rule changes

Updated 2013-3-16 7:00p After months of speculation, and not a little bit of pleading from this blog and others, we are finally learning some of what is waiting in store for SEPTA riders when NPT rolls out later this year. This is coming wrapped up with fare hikes and rule changes that SEPTA will be […]