The Media Hearings via Twitter

This was from the initial SEPTA presentation.

We would find out the identity of one at 6:00.

I think my later take on this point is better, but.

I should not say he lied, especially as Mr. McGee was under oath at the time. I apologize and retract the accusation. But he was really reckless and irresponsible in his initial answers here.

There was no indication that there was any plan in place to deal with this situation, except a vague reference to easing the time limit on weekends. That may be part of a solution, but the problem persists.

Mr. Diehl is a member of Tri-State Transit Center, a local advocacy group.

Yup, BLET needs a contract.

They and I both mean, of course, that transfers should be cheaper, and preferably free. As they stand (at $1), they are inefficient and inequitable.

This last one failed to post, thinks to the terrible wifi. But it’s right; see you tomorrow!

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  1. Are the 30th St. renderings available anywhere online? I cannot fathom how they will be arranged to encourage orderly queueing while allowing for pedestrian flow to and from the Cira Center.

    Actually, I take that back. If the turnstiles were placed in the north waiting room and a fare control area were established encompassing a portion of the north waiting room, the staircase up to the commuter concourse, and the stairs to the platforms, leaving the western half of the concourse outside fare control, it might work. But the elevators wouldn’t be in fare control, and there’d be no ADA-compliant way to get from the north waiting room to the concourse. This idea is sounding better and better.

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