The Norristown Hearings via Twitter

It’s true. (Note to SEPTA management: don’t get any stupid ideas. Pass limits are still dumb.)

Everybody has a bad day, but this was cringeworthy.

RIP Schuylkill Valley Metro, the gold plated hybrid to Far Far Away.

Ed note: This was correct in terms of time saved, but…

I stutter when speaking in public. Always have. My delivery was bad even by my own standards. Should have waited for West Chester.

Via Center City ticketed passengers are only 0.4% of RRD ridership. 75% of those are hitting the max fare, i.e. will be getting a fare cut. I wasn’t fast enough on my feet to point out that the remaining 0.1% of RRD ridership is 125 rides a day, and that if SEPTA considered closing a station with that ridership they’d be rightl pilloried. Stations cost money; this isn’t even a station we’re asking for. It’s a line of ink on a page, and five lines of code in the fare system to match.

Even though I was disagreeing mightily with Daniel Casey, he gets massive points in my book for having actual statistics at hand, and weaving them into his argument. I would still like a pass limit cap that covers at least three nines of present usage.

It turned out to be a laugh line, but it’s true. A fraudster isn’t going to care if the cap is 50, 60, or 75 rides a week, but SEPTA’s most loyal (legitimate) users are going to care a great deal.

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