Simple Answers to Silly Questions

One of the odd “perks” of owning a WordPress blog is getting to see some of the search terms that cause people to find your blog. For instance:

  • how much does a parking permit cost in philadelphia

$35 per year for one car. More for additional cars.

  • manayunk/norristown line safe

Yes. (Assuming that’s a question with “Is the” in front.) Much safer than driving, certainly.

During the snow last week, we had,

  • is septa closed today

SEPTA does not close for weather short of an actual hurricane. Maybe a 25-year blizzard. Snow and ice can shut down individual rail lines, or cause buses to detour around specific problem spots, but SEPTA will keep running through fairly serious weather. It is generally safe to assume that SEPTA is harder than you.

And last night’s inspiration for this post:

  • does the government own septa


Specifically, SEPTA is a wholly-owned arm of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so if you care about SEPTA, it’s your State Rep, State Senator, and Governor you need to put pressure on. And by “put pressure on”, I mean tell them to work harder to fund SEPTA, or else you will vote for someone else. And then, if they don’t, follow through on that threat, in a primary if your conscience prevents you from voting for another party in a general election. State politicians get away with things because they assume that nobody knows who they are, and nobody cares. Sadly, they’re right too often. I don’t like that, and neither should you. This stuff matters.

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