One more trip around the sun

Happy New Year! Time to ring in 2014 with a whole palletload of service changes! SEPTA Transit is on a Modified Weekday schedule today, and detours related to setup for the Mummers Parade will start at 10:00am. Extra trips will run on the El and Subway at around 7:00pm and midnight for those going to […]

Ewing Township has modest but promising plans for West Trenton Station

The Times of Trenton reports that Ewing, NJ is looking into transit upgrades centered on West Trenton Station, which lies in the township’s borders. Mostly this consists of direct bus service from the station to Downtown Trenton, Trenton-Mercer Airport (the back side of which is a stone’s throw away), and New Brunswick. The station itself […]

Sandy + 1

Tonight marks the one year anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. As you may remember, in addition to all the devastation caused by the storm, New Jersey Transit compounded the disaster in the Garden State, when it negligently left a third of its fleet in vulnerable, low-lying storage yards to be flooded. While the […]

The Pennsauken Transit Center is open. Was it worth it?

Yesterday, at 5:39a, the first scheduled passenger service pulled into the new Pennsauken Transit Center, NJT’s newest rail station connecting the River Line and the Atlantic City Line. Festivities, dedications and a general atmosphere of celebration have settled over South Jersey. But was this station really what South Jersey, and the Atlantic City Line in […]