Weekly Roundup: Pay as you enter, IBEW settles, police body cams, Greenlee may be a fool, and Previdi definitely is

Another edition brought to you by the World’s Worst Blogger: In the end of an era, SEPTA has announced that, beginning on September 1, pay-as-you-leave will be abolished on the Suburban Transit routes out of 69th Street Terminal where it is currently the rule. This will standardize the entire SEPTA transit system on the more […]

Wednesday Roundup

Things that are happening that I haven’t been able to catch up on yet: If you live or work in West Philly, your trolleys have been diverting to 40th/Market since Friday night, and will continue doing so for the rest of this week, next week, and the weekend after that. Why? SEPTA Media Relations explains […]

A bicyclist’s guide to Delaware Carmageddon

As the I-495 bridge closure passes its third day with not even a hint from DelDOT that they are considering expanding transit service, Reddit user /u/wild-tangent has created an excellent overview of bike facilities in Northern New Castle County, especially those that interface with SEPTA Regional Rail stations. Check it out. If you use Reddit […]

Two cities separated by a common everything: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Part 1 of a 3 part series. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh would probably be inextricably linked together even if history hadn’t lumped them together into the same state. As it stands, though, we have a lot more than an ugly blue flag and a bunch of corrupted mountebanks in Harrisburg in common. Both cities fell hard […]

Philadelphia needs driverless subways

Tying a few recent threads together, there have been a lot of jokes on the internet in the wake of the recent derailment of a CTA Blue Line train at O’Hare Airport station in Chicago. But of course, as Eric Jaffe pointed out in The Atlantic Cities, we have the luxury of laughing because the […]

Longform Sunday: Freedom vs. the Opposite of Freedom

Good morning everyone. I’ve got this post set to go up early this morning, because I have two really big, really important asks on your time today that really need to go together. So I’m setting the timer early so you have plenty of time to watch, read, and process. The first is this video […]

Wednesday Infrastructure Film Festival

If you couldn’t make it to today’s noon open house at 1234 Market Street, and you can’t make it to the evening show in an hour, you should watch this presentation, given by Jeff Kneuppel to the SEPTA Board back in December. Today’s presentation (given ably by CFO Rich Burnfield) doesn’t actually expand on anything, […]

The ultimate in pervious “paving”!

It’s winters like this one, where I wonder if it would be worth it to run a pilot program replacing the asphalt pavement on some trinity streets with gravel. I’m speaking specifically of cartways of 15 feet or less in width (i.e. too narrow for parking), the ones that aren’t already done in brick or […]

How do you solve a problem like DRPA? Kill it.

(OK, the scansion needs a lot of work.) The idea of a transportation authority is very simple. By isolating an important public function from direct interference (and oversight) from elected officials, you can create an atmosphere of continuity and stability that allows the authority to issue bonds without undue distress (in the form of higher […]

Mister Gorbachev, open this gate!

Commenter Noah asks the following: Do you know more about this, from Wikipedia? “SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line (also known as the “El”) and all of SEPTA’s Subway-Surface Lines stop at the 30th Street subway station, less than 1/2 block (< 1/10 mile) from the southwest entrance to 30th Street Station. A tunnel connecting the underground subway […]