My name is Michael Noda, and I live in North Philadelphia. I grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs. I first moved to the Philadelphia area in 2000 to attend Swarthmore College, and I immediately fell in love with this city. I’ve lived nine of the last twelve years in Swarthmore, University City, Roxborough, Point Breeze/Newbold, and now Francisville and have accumulated some opinions in that time as a “New Philadelphian”.  I also fell in love with getting around Philadelphia and its suburbs without a car.  In my time away from the Delaware Valley, I lived in New York and Las Vegas, which reinforced the love of walkable and transit-oriented places from both extremes.

The title of this blog is a pun on the Latin phrase “sic transit gloria mundi“. The combination of Latin and Greek in the same name… couldn’t be helped.

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  1. Do you know more about this, from Wikipedia?

    “SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line (also known as the “El”) and all of SEPTA’s Subway-Surface Lines stop at the 30th Street subway station, less than 1/2 block (< 1/10 mile) from the southwest entrance to 30th Street Station. A tunnel connecting the underground subway station and 30th Street Station was closed due to crime and vagrancy concerns."


    Whose decision would it be to re-open this tunnel? I've always been surprised they're not connected underground.


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