July 4 Holiday notes

Just as a reminder, the Independence Day holiday brings with it a suite of service changes. Four of the five local major transit services (SEPTA, PATCO, NJT, Amtrak) will be operating on Sunday or Major Holiday schedules tomorrow, July 4th. DART First State will be shut down entirely except for Routes 201-208 and Route 305.

Extra SEPTA Regional Rail trains will leave Center City after the fireworks. As July 4th is a Friday, the Subway and El will be running train service all night.

My Independence Day plans involve changing from the Capitol Limited to the Empire Builder in Chicago, and maybe catching some of the fireworks from trackside at St. Paul Union Depot. I hope your holiday is, Arthur willing, as fun as mine will be. Happy Fourth!

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    1. We held to the standard routing, and we’re about 90 minutes down at South Bend. We met 48(3) just west of Toledo, after it was apparently held at Chicago for four hours last night, so Ohio gets a daylight train today.

      1. 49(2) arrived in CHI about twelve hours late (delayed departure from BOS due to mandated crew rest after a late arrival of 448(1), which put them departing in the midst of MBTA rush hour, and then they ran into an NS derailment, detoured to Michigan, had to put on a Michigan Service ITCS P42, etc). It’s impressive that 48(3) was able to go out as promptly as it did — the car cleaners must’ve moved at record speed!

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