Labor Day service advisory reminders

Good morning, and happy Labor Day! Just a quick roundup of service changes for the holiday:

  • SEPTA Transit and Regional Rail are running Sunday schedules today.
  • Trolley service is restored on Route 10, and Route 15 west of SugarHouse Loop. New transit schedules are in effect as of yesterday.
  • Bus detours related to the Made In America festival remain in effect until noon, as cleanup and stage teardown continues on the Ben Franklin Parkway.
  • PATCO is running a special schedule, available as a PDF here.
  • NJ Transit Rail and Amtrak are on Major Holiday schedules. NJ Transit buses may or may not be on special schedules; consult printed schedules or
  • DART First State is not running at all today, with the exception of Resort Routes 201-208 and Beach Connection Route 305.
  • UPDATE: Here in the US, we celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday in September, instead of May 1st like the rest of the world, because of our long and ignoble history of Red Scares. Americans, especially left-identified Americans like Labor Unionists, are scared to death of anything that smacks of communism. This apparently does not include the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which does not enforce meter parking today.

Many thanks to the dedicated employees of this region’s transit services, especially those taking the time out of their holiday to keep the trains, buses, and trolleys running for us.

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