Got the wrong pass? SEPTA somehow anticipated that might happen.

Even the Nicest People On Earth don’t give a shit about Philadelphia.

Did the pass rule changes that went into effect on this Canada Day screw you? SEPTA Customer Service would like you to know that you can trade in your pass for the one you need. Just bring your already-purchased pass, plus the difference in cost, to a SEPTA Sales Window (like the one at, say, 69th Street Terminal). There, you’ll be able to trade in and upgrade your pass, so if you erroneously thought that a Transpass would still get you on the NHSL, you can fix that and get a Zone 1 Trailpass for only $10.

SEPTA, Serious About Not Being An Asshole.

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  1. Thanks for posting – this was a huge help to me. Carrying quarters is a PITA, and the NHSL this morning was bedlam. Can’t wait til they go with smartcards permanently.

  2. Do I have the opposite problem…I think I might have been paying too much for the last three years. I could have sworn that a TransPass always required a $.50 top up to go into Zone 2 of the NHSL (beyond Bryn Mawr, IIRC) so I had a Zone 1 TrailPass. But apparently my fellow riders have been using a TransPass all this time without the surcharge. Of course now the old fare schedules are nowhere to be found.

    What were the old fare rules for Zone 2 on the NHSL?

    1. No, you were fine/doing it right. The change applies to those only taking a one zone ride on the NHSL, which previously only needed a Transpass, but now need a Zone 1 Trailpass. Before today, assuming you were coming into the city from west of Bryn Mawr, you did need a Zone 1 Trailpass.

      SEPTA is giving up on zones on al of its routes other than the 124 and 125. I suspect it doesn’t want to deal with the procedural and software hassles involved in porting zone fares into the NPT system. I can’t really blame them for that.

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