Midday service changes on Doylestown, Norristown Lines

Almost missed this entirely, but there were Regional Rail schedule adjustments that went into effect Sunday.  They come in two primary groups, both affecting only weekday middays.  

  • The first, to accommodate wire work, is the bustitution of the Doylestown Line east of Colmar.  Buses will leave Doylestown inbound 12 minutes before the train schedules, and will leave Colmar outbound 5 minutes after the arrival of the connecting train.  SEPTA has posted a bustitution schedule. (PDF)
  • The other is minor schedule adjustments on the Manayunk/Norristown Line, and the breaking up of through trains to the Wilmington/Newark Line into two halves at Center City, again to accommodate work schedules.  The Wilmington/Newark Line schedule has been reprinted, but no actual train times have been affected there, just the run-through origins (and, thus, the train numbers).  That is a tell that SEPTA expects on-time performance on the Manayunk/Norristown Line to degrade during these weekday middays, beyond the point where they’re willing to risk missing schedule slots on Amtrak’s NEC.  Bad news for Manayunk/Norristown riders, but that’s construction season for you.

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