Another weekend of bustitution on the Manayunk/Norristown Line

As much as I give SEPTA a hard time for its failings, I try to also point out where it does a good job. This goes doubly for the realm of customer service and communications, an area where SEPTA has historically done quite poorly, and where it still falls short on occasion.

In that spirit, let me point to this wonderfully-written and mercifully complete explanation of the medium scale-project, underway over recent weekends, to upgrade and maintain the Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line. It gives a complete overview of what is happening and why, with enough technical detail to satisfy the knowledgeable, but not so much that it overwhelms the ordinary reader. Well done, SEPTA communications!

In brief, this project is adding a crossover between the two tracks near Miquon station, which will allow for partial service when the line is blocked by Schyulkill River flooding, which is a nearly-annual (and, as climate change grows worse, increasing) annoyance to Manayunk/Norristown riders. It will also allow for hourly service on the line during the remainder of this project and all future maintenance projects, much to the delight of riders, who are probably growing tired of these weekend shutdowns.

This weekend’s disruptions, detailed here by SEPTA, run as follows:

  • Train service will run from Center City to Ivy Ridge. Trains will be on normal schedules in both directions at Wissahickon, but inbound trains will leave Ivy Ridge 10 minutes ahead of schedule.
  • Shuttle buses will serve Elm Street, Main Street, Norristown TC, Conshohocken, and Spring Mill stations. Shuttle buses will connect at Wissahickon in both directions. Inbound bustituted service will depart about 32 minutes ahead of scheduled times.
  • Miquon station riders are SOL.
  • Norristown TC passengers will retain the option of taking the NHSL to Gulph Mills for the 124/125, or to 69th Street for the MFSE.
  • Special conditions will apply to the late night Saturday runs.

No word yet from SEPTA as to whether this weekend’s shutdown is the last, or if there is another weekend of pain in store before RIVER interlocking goes online.

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