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I grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs. I first moved to the Philadelphia area in 2000 to attend Swarthmore College, and I immediately fell in love with this city. I’ve lived nine of the last twelve years in Swarthmore, University City, Roxborough, and Point Breeze/Newbold, and have accumulated some opinions in that time as a “New Philadelphian”. I also fell in love with getting around Philadelphia and its suburbs without a car. In my time away from the Delaware Valley, I lived in New York and Las Vegas, which reinforced the love of walkable and transit-oriented places from both extremes.

I’ve been posting things I’ve learned and things I’ve come to believe, in various corners of the internet, for quite some time now. I’ve decided it’s time to get more serious about doing that, so I’m starting this blog to collect everything in one place. As I shout, please shout back at me; I like discussion, and even if I don’t personally reply to every comment, I liked reading yours.

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